This year we have 27 cows calving after Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty, Vokslev Eik and our bull Aaland 1 Goliat.  The calves sired by Superduty and Eik have been very easy but the calves sired by Goliat have been on the large side. Unfortunately 2 calves died but with a little help to a couple of others we managed to get 25 live calves. This year we have inseminated with Red Zulu a bull bred by Don Richardson from Tlell Polled Herefords. This bull should be good on heifers and we have some straws for next year. We have inseminated a number of cows with Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty, Suprem Cæsar, and one Koanui Daybreak. The 11th of May we stopped inseminating cow and moved them to the sommer grazing area with Aaland 1 Goliat. Our older heifers are inseminated with Zulu and later there will be a bull sired by Daybreak to clean up! He has an S index of 120 and is for sale.


This year our herd consists of 27 cows with calves sired by Koanui Daybreak and Slyks 1 Focus. Our breeding bull this year is a SMH Cassanova son called Åland 1 Goliat. We have also inseminated with a british bull Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty and a Danish bull Vokslev Eik.

Our aim is to produce good strong cows with good mother instincts and lots of milk, cows which produce good calves every year regardless of which bull you use! The colour and markings are not so important, but we do prefer a darker red and with the white in all the right places!