New breeding Bull

Written 17/2 2015

Our new breeding bull is called Roost 1 Hannibal, he was bred by Edel and Egon Petz in Denmark. His father is Vokslev Eik a bull well proven to give small calves, and his mothers father is Roost 1 Biba. He is a very ‘meaty’ bull and we are looking foreward to a big improvement in the carcus value of our slaughter animals. The Danish Hereford Society has successfully had him tapped and his semen is now available worldwide.

The Second One

Written 14/2 2015

The second (and last ) calf was born on the 5th of February. A bull calf also very lively weighing 41kg with the same parents as the heifer calf. His name is Solbakkens Lord Rib eye and the heifer is called Solbakkens Lady Tanya.

Two Embryon Calves!

Written 12/2 2015

The first ET calf was born on the first of February, a fresh calf weighing 43kg. Her father is SHF Rib eye M326 R117 and her mother is Tlell 23S Tanya 31U.

The First Calf of 2015

Written 19/1 2015

Our first calf of the new season was born on the 17th of january, she is a frisky calf weighing only 30kg but already growing fast! Her father is Tlell Red Zulu from Don Richardsen in Canada. We met Don in 2012 at the World Hereford Conference and when we read that he had both embryos and semen for sale we bought a ‘bundle’. Solbakkens Libby is the first to be born and we are expecting 4 more.

The European Conference.

Written 1/10 2014

On the 3rd of September we travelled to Switzerland to attend the European hereford Conference.  There were approx. 78 other Hereford enthusiasts attending the conference and a good many of them had been at the world conference in Canada 2 years earlier. We were very impressed by the high percentage of land utilization, every inch that could be grazed was and there wasn’t any wasteland left to grow with weeds etc. The weather was fantastic and we were able to see all the farmers and their families out on the slopes cutting the grass and baling as well as taking the hay home for drying. During our stay we visited 2 hereford breeders and at each place a number of lokal breeders had also brought some animals so that we could see a lot of different animals. Many of the animals had Danish bulls in their pedigree! Once again at the conference many of the countries reported that they had imported animals from Denmark and they were very interested to hear about our testing system at AAlstrup. In November 2013 we sold 4 bred heifers to Estland and one of the representatives from Estland had bought 2 of them he said that they were doing well. Some countries reported that they had plans to test young bulls a bit in the same way that they do in Denmark!

In 4 years the European Conference will be held in Hungary but in 2 years the World  Hereford Conference will be held in Uraguay.


Written 1/10 2014

We are expecting 2 ET calves approx. 01.02.2015 ! We are very excited as this is the first time. The recipients are Fresians and they do have a funny shape in comparrison with Herfords. The sire is SHF Rib Eye M326 R117 and the doner cow is Tlell 23 S Tanya 31U from Don Richardson,Tlell Polled Herefords in Canada.

Bull calf to test station

Written 14/9 2014

The Danish Hereford Association has chosen one of our bull calves Solbakkens Kvik ,for testing at the bull testing station in Ålstrup. His father is Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty and his mothers father is Slyk’s 1 Agro, best hereford bull and the best bull between races in Herning 2008. Kvik was born on the 12th of January 2014 with a birth weight of 38kg and a start weight at the test station of 382kg. Its a good start but the test runs until 12.1.2015.

The National Show

Written 30/6 2014

On the 2nd of July we are going to the National Show in Herning where we will be competing with one of our heifers. We think that she is a good example på what we like, so now we have to se what the English judge Boomer Birch thinks.  Boomer Birch was in Denmark earlier this year and bought a heifer and a young bull from one of our neighbours.

Calving season is well underway!

Written 3/3 2014

16 calves from 3 different bulls!  Last season we inseminated some of our cows with Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty and we now have 3 heifers and one bull calf.  We have 2 heifer calves after Vokslev Eik, a danish bull which is very suitable for heifers as he gives small calves.  The  rest of our calves are sired by our our own bull Åland 1 Goliath which is a SMH Cassanova søn.

Four of our bred heifers to Estonia

Written 1/11 2013

We have sent four of our bred heifers to Estonia, today.